Tired of the same old crack and go?
The Triad of Health

1. Structure
We check your physical body from top to bottom at your first visit.  The comprehensive physical looks for structural damage and imbalances.

2. Chemistry
Body chemistry from your thyroid gland, blood sugar, and hormones can have a hand in your symptoms. We work with your doctor and a local lab to uncover these culprits.

3. Spirit/Emotions
Your spirit and emotions play a big role in your health.  As a whole-person health care provider, we always look at this aspect too.

Huffman Chiropractic Is Different Because

1. We get lasting results...faster
Whether you want less pain, no pain, better performance, or just to
maintain your current good health, we can help you get the results
you want.
By providing muscle care, nutritional guidance, and rehabilitative
exercises in every visit--at no extra cost--we can help you get better
faster and stay better longer.

2. We are affordable and we guarantee your satisfaction
By maintaining a cash/check only practice we keep our overhead
low, and we pass the savings on to you.  We can give you a superbill
to help you try to collect out-of-network reimbursement from your
insurance, but we do not accept any insurance.  If, after two visits to
our office, you are dissatisfied with your care we refund the money you
paid us to adjust you. We keep the examination fee.

3. We believe honesty is the best policy
We'll tell you if we can help you or not.  We will tell you how long we
expect it to take.  We will tell you exactly what it will cost.

4. We are convenient
We have a wide variety of office hours including holidays, evenings
and weekends to fit your busy schedule.

          Does this page bug you because it is so "out of line"?  Guess what?  Your nervous system acts the same way when you are out of alignment. 
                                          In your body misalignment can manifest as anything from pain to poor libido.  Call now!  Get adjusted today!
more energy
less pain
a vibrant new you

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