Meet Dr. Huffman

     My name is Tamara Huffman.  I completed my pre-med education in Hiram, Ohio and completed a little over a year of medical school in Athens, Ohio before finding my way to chiropractic.  I graduated as the valedictorian from Logan College of Chiropractic in Missouri in 2002.  After a couple years as an "intern" in a chiropractic clinic just south of Chicago, I returned home and opened Huffman Chiropractic in Pataskala, Ohio in 2005.

     Currently I am pleased to offer a wide array of services including chiropractic, focused massage, exercises and physical rehabilitation, and diet and supplementation recommendations. For interested clients I also incorporate energy medicine, acupressure, and meridian and chakra clearing in visits to my office.

          My lifelong passion is providing health and healing to others in whatever capacity I am called to do so.  While I currently work as a nurse on a surgical stepdown unit in addition to my duties at Huffman Chiropractic, I look forward to transitioning to a full-time alternative healthcare provider in 2021.

1. Can chiropractic help me?

Without examining you and talking to you about your condition, we have no way of knowing if chiropractic may be helpful in your situation.  Huffman Chiropractic offers a FREE 15-minute consultation with the doctor. If we accept you as a patient we will do everything we can to help you reach your health goals.


2. How long will it take?

If you just sprained your back yesterday, it will heal faster than if you are a patient looking for options because the injections you got in your spine and the back surgery you had ten years ago never really took away your pain.

On average, our patients report feeling significantly better in just 1-2 treatments.


3.  How much will it cost? 

The quick answer is $100 for your new patient examination (for almost everyone), plus $40 for the first adjustment. Every adjustment after the first one is just $40.

4. Do you take my insurance?

Huffman Chiropractic is a cash practice. 

We do not accept insurance of any kind.

We only accept cash and personal checks

(no credit or debit cards) for your treatment.

We can give you a superbill that you can

mail to your insurance company to try to get reimbursed for out-of-network care if you would like.

5. What about Medicare?

The federal government requires that all chiropractors bill Medicare.  We are non-participating providers in the Medicare program. That means you will be expected to pay for your treatment when you receive it and  wait for Medicare to decide if they will reimburse you.  Please note that Medicare currently only pays for adjustments to the spine (no coverage for sore hips, shoulders or other joints.)  Additionally, Medicare requires that you be in an active treatment plan and that you show improvement with every adjustment to even consider covering charges. Medicare also sets limits on the fee we can charge for an adjustment.  Please be aware that no matter what Medicare's limiting fee is this week, we will charge $40 for your "adjustment."  All $$ over the limiting fee is our price for muscle work, therapeutic exercise training, and nutritional consultations (none of which are covered by Medicare for chiropractors) which we consider an essential part of your whole body treatment and necessary for your maximal recovery.

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